Student Media to measure design proficiency and non-fee income

Student Media has selected two departmental objectives to assess during the 2014-2015 academic year. The first objective – Student Media staff will be knowledgeable of current journalism, broadcasting and marketing practices in print, audio, video and online – will be assessed according to the staff’s proficiency in using appropriate technology. The design staff of Agromeck, Nubian Message and Technician will demonstrate their proficiency in Adobe InDesign through a “Student Media certification” test based on the “Adobe Certified Expert” accreditation.

The second objective – Student Media will diversify its financial resources – will be evaluated through its progress toward generating additional revenue to reduce its reliance on student fees. Each media has an established non-fee income goal, which will be tracked and reported on at each monthly Student Media Board meeting.

Download a PDF of the full 2013-2014 assessment report.