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Board Standing Rules

APPROVED September 2011


The Student Media Board of Directors is designed to serve as a visionary group for the Student Media at large. As such, while it doesn’t meet often, the meetings it does have and the role the Board members play is vital to the success of NC State Student Media.


As with most standing rules, these rules can be amended at any meeting of the Student Media Board of Directors at which a quorum is present and proper notice was given. Rule changes are approved by majority vote at the first regularly scheduled meeting after May 1. It requires a two-thirds vote to amend or to rescind the rules once approved at the first regularly scheduled meeting of each term.

No standing rule shall be in conflict with the Constitution or other policies.


As indicated in the Constitution, the board shall meet at least once a month during the months of September, October, November, January, February, March and April. Any Board member who misses two or more meetings shall have their position considered vacant.

Excused absences

When at least 24 hours is given to the Board chairperson, a member may have an excused absence from a regular Board meeting that shall not count against the attendance policy. However, if the absences result in the Board not having a quorum at the meeting, all absences shall be considered unexcused.

Emergency votes

The chair of the board or a majority of the board members may call a special meeting at any time to deal with emergency matters. Email votes, votes by fax or any other method other than at a meeting are not allowed. However, at an emergency meeting only, if quorum cannot be obtained in any other way, a voting member may give their written proxy on a matter to which all material was distributed prior to the meeting at least 72 hours in advance (including, if necessary, position papers for top student leaders) to another voting member. Any vote taken in such a matter shall be ratified at the next regularly scheduled meeting at which quorum is present.

Audio/Video conferencing

Email votes, votes by fax or any other method other than at a meeting are not allowed. The intent of that clause in the Constitution was to promote discussion. So, any audio/video link that allows both parties to participate in live debate shall be allowed and shall not count against a member’s attendance.