Technician names grant recipients

Taylor Cashdan and Sean Fairholm are the newest recipients of the Technician grant. First awarded in 2006, the $1,000 annual award is open to students with fewer than 36 college course hours.

Cashdan, a freshman in science education, is in his second year on the Technician staff. After taking over as design editor in spring 2011, he currently serves as the paper’s managing editor. Fairholm, a sophomore in professional golf management, is a deputy sports editor.

These two join four other current staff members renewing their grants.

  • Joshua Chappell, a junior in chemical engineering
  • Jeniece Jamison, a junior in communication media
  • Brooke Shafranek, a sophomore in English
  • Brooke Wallig, a sophomore in English education

Students who are awarded the grant will receive $500 at the beginning of each fall and spring semester, while still being paid as a regular reporter, editor, designer or photographer. The grant is renewable for up to four years. Students selected plan on holding a leadership role with the newspaper in the near future and must have continuous service on staff to continue receiving the grant. All recipients must have and/or must maintain a 2.50 university grade point average. The grants are funded solely with advertising dollars. No state funds or student fees are used to fund the grant.