Student Media hires new student leaders

The NCSU Student Media Board of Directors hired top leaders for the 2009-2010 academic year this March.

AGROMECKBryant Robbins, a sophomore in business administration, is this year’s design editor and is on his second year on staff. He was the only applicant for the position. He is filling some big shoes with outgoing editor John Cooper Elias being a Matthews Medal recipient. The 2008 edition of the Agromeck yearbook received both a national Pacemaker and Crown award, national championships for college yearbooks. “After the past two great years the Agromeck has had under the leadership of Mary Beth Hamrick and John Cooper Elias,… it is now my time to step up to the plate and to lead the way to produce another great Agromeck.”

TECHNICIANTy Johnson, a junior in history, is this year’s news editor and a former assistant sports editor. He joined the staff in the fall of 2008. “From the position of editor-in-chief, I would be able not only to affect the direction of a section, but of the entire organization as Student Media continues to evolve into a multimedia-driven, 24-hour news outlet.” Johnson will lead a staff of more than 100 reporters, designers and photographers and a budget, solely funded by advertising, of about $390,000.

WINDHOVERHelen Dear, a senior in graphic design, is this year’s design editor of the literary and arts magazine. The 2009 edition which Helen helped to produce is due for distribution in mid-April. “By exposing a multitude of students to such a visual and literary expertise, Windhover gives to readers what I am lucky enough to experience on a daily basis. N.C. State students produce work that rarely reaches past the walls of studios or English classrooms, and Windhover is a perfect outlet for it.”

BUSINESS OFFICELaura Frey is a junior in parks, recreation and tourism management and currently a display ad sales representative. As business office manager, Laura will oversee the sales and marketing efforts of the $1 million Student Media operation. Charlie Weinfield was named as sales manager to directly coordinate the sales efforts. Frey said, “The knowledge and growth that I’ve gained in my current and previous positions with the Student Media Business Office, give me the confidence in knowing that I can lead and communicate effectively.” Phil Zachary, board member and president and chief operating officer of Raleigh-based Curtis Media Group, said that the talents of these two individuals will allow the Business Office to succeed in a declining economy in which all mass media outlets are struggling to survive.

WKNC 88.1FMMike Alston is a senior in civil engineering with a minor in business management. Mike joined the staff in the spring of 2008 and is now the local music director. “Under my leadership, WKNC will expand in influence, both on campus and in the Triangle community; we will become more marketable and be able to bring in more money for Student Money.”

NUBIAN MESSAGEDemi Olubanwo is a junior majoring in communication with minors in journalism and film studies. Demi joined the staff in August of 2007 as a photographer. “There are many areas of the paper that are doing quite well right now and so my job would be to maintain those areas in their current state and improve them if possible.” He cited as areas he wanted to work on for improvement as circulation and awareness of the paper campus-wide as well as increasing staff training and the paper’s online presence.

In later spring student body elections, the Student Media had three referenda on the ballot. The first, to remove section 3.2 of the Constitution, was binding and passed