Technician featured in SPLC Report

When the Democratic National Convention came to Charlotte in September, N.C. State Student Media had a unique opportunity to send its reporters and photographers to cover the event first-hand. With more than 600 miles between Raleigh and the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Technician editor-in-chief Mark Herring knew he needed additional resources to keep coverage balanced.

Aug. 29, 2012 Technician front pageHerring’s effort was lauded in the winter 2013 SPLC Report, a triannual magazine from the Student Press Law Center.

“I knew that a lot of student publications are criticized for being too liberal, so I made sure that we were covering the RNC,” said Mark Herring, The Technician’s editor-in-chief. “I did it not just to show, ‘hey we’re not taking the convenient route,’ with the coverage in the DNC, but I wanted to make sure we were covering the entire thing to inform our readers.”

Turning to University of Tampa’s The Minaret and The Oracle at University of South Florida, Technician formed a partnership among the three publications to share content. By the end of the election, Technician had run articles from eight different college newspapers.

The Aug. 29, 2012 Technician featured front-page coverage of the Republican National Convention from The Oracle and The Minaret student newspapers. The partnership received national praise from the Student Press Law Center in its SPLC Report.