Agromeck, Technician among the best of collegiate design

College Media Association has announced the winners of its annual Best of Collegiate Design contest, with N.C. State’s Agromeck and Technician among the finalists. Now in its 19th year, the Best of Collegiate Design honors student designers in 23 categories. More than 1100 entries were received from 74 schools.

Technician won first place in informational graphic and fourth place in feature page (newspaper) for a design by Susannah Brinkley. The graphic presented data from a political science class poll regarding students’ political and social views. The same design received fourth place in newspaper page/spread in the Associated Collegiate Press’s Design of the Year competition in October. Brinkley also earned fifth place in editorial/opinion page (newspaper) for an editorial in which the Technician editorial board present their views on diversity. Both designs were published in the Dec. 6, 2010 exam issue of Technician. was awarded an honorable mention for main page presentation for newspaper websites.

Agromeck earned first place for the cover of its 2011 edition, a photo illustration by Jordan Moore and design by Susannah Brinkley depicting students walking through the campus free expression tunnel. “Chosen to Lead the Pack,” a story and design on the April 2010 student government election, was first place in organizations spread (yearbook). A second organizations spread on the Krispy Kreme Challenge was fifth place.

N.C. State’s Nov. 20 football triumph over University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill earned Agromeck second place in sports spread (yearbook). Agromeck also took second place in division page (yearbook) for its September news page. A profile of architecture graduate Barton Strawn was third place in individuals spread (yearbook). Agromeck took fourth and fifth place in academics spread (yearbook) for pages on the university field laboratories and December 2010 graduation, respectively.