Annual report now online

As part of the transparency of our organization, each year, we post our annual report online. The annual report is one of several reports we are required to produce each year. It is submitted to the director of the Center for Student Leadership, Ethics and Public Service. He submits it to the associate vice chancellor. She combines it with her other reports and submits it to the vice chancellor. He combines it with his other reports and submits it to the provost. He combines it with his other reports and submits it to the chancellor. Officially, it becomes the administrative record of the year.

This year’s report shows some of the highlights of the year and identifies some areas for concern particularly in terms of finances, notably administrative service fees and the increased cost of benefits for the full-time staff, and space allocation.

No other student group on campus has the demands placed upon it that the students have who produce the daily newspaper, keep a radio station on the air 24/7, produce the final draft of history, produce a weekly publication that maintains a discussion about the news from an African-American perspective, and shows the creative side of our campus. Our online presence and video presence continue to be areas of focus and growth.

READ the whole report for more insights.