Five new members of honorary society to be inducted

Five students will be inducted into the N.C. State chapter of the Society for Collegiate Journalists Feb. 2. The Society, which is the nation’s oldest honorary society for collegiate mass communications, according to the Society’s handbook, “admits as members only those persons who exemplify the dignity, personal freedom, and initiative that we believe are the hallmarks of excellence in collegiate communications.”

Students in the NCSU chapter must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average and must be in at least their third semester of working for the Student Media. Student Media outlets had 127 people with above a 3.0 GPA this past semester and had 207 students working as volunteers or paid employees.

As part of their initiation, the students will pledge to:

  1. “Gather all pertinent news and opinions concerning issues and events on the campus, striving at all times for accuracy and fairness.
  2. “Safeguard the freedom of all campus media in order that they be able to serve the campus community without dictation, coercion, or restraint.”

The five NCSU students inducted will be:

  • Channon Smith, program director, WKNC;
  • Brian Ware, general manager, WKNC;
  • Saja Hindi, deputy news editor, Technician;
  • Kathryn Parker, features editor, Technician; and
  • Yasmin Sadiq, account representative, Student Media business office.

Martha Collins serves as the chapter’s adviser. The N.C. State chapter of the Society was formed in 1996. In 2003, Jerry Moore, then editor of the Technician, was selected as the National Collegiate Journalist of the Year by SCJ.